Zinnia, Zowie ‘Yellow Flame’ – (AAS Winner)

Zinnia ‘Zowie Yellow Flame’

2006 AAS Winner. Zowie! Yellow Flame is the first semi-tall zinnia with a unique bicolor pattern. Each bloom flames with a scarlet-rose center and yellow petal edges. There is no other zinnia with this fiery design. In addition, this bicolor pattern is consistent from one plant to another. As expected, there are more desirable traits from Zowie! Yellow Flame. Gardeners will be glad to learn Zowie! Yellow Flame is easy to grow from seed, young bedding plants or flowering potted plants. Zowie! Yellow Flame will prove its long flowering season with dazzling blooms from early summer to final killing frost. During this season-long color, Zowie! Yellow Flame blooms can be cut for bouquets. The University of Maryland conducted cut flower trials and found Zowie! Yellow Flame had a vase life of up to two weeks.

Zowie! Yellow Flame is highly recommended for containers because plants are heat and fairly drought tolerant. With zinnia plants in containers, gardeners will find less time is spent watering. Zowie! Yellow Flame functions well as the tall centerpiece plant surrounded by other full-sun annuals, such as yellow marigolds or purple-leaved foliage plants. Gardeners can depend on Zowie! Yellow Flame to illuminate any garden plantings.

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Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Full Sun

Flower Color:
Yellow / Orange Bicolor

2.5 – 3 Feet

10-12 Inches

* Attracts Butterflies
* Attracts Bees
* Cut Flower

Moist, Well drained soil

Annual In Ohio