Weigela ‘Vinho Verde™’ – New For 2023

Weigela florida ‘Vinho Verde™’

Characterized by lime green leaves set off with a bold, black margin. Discovered as a variegated sport on a seedling whose parents were golden ‘Briant’s Rubidor’ and burgundy ‘Naomi Campbell’. Like all variegated plants, it will occasionally revert, but it reverts to all black, so will not overgrow the plant. A light crop of red-pink flowers appear in late spring, but the foliage – coupled with an irresistibly neat habit – are the primary reasons to grow this beauty.

Wondering about that name and the unusual spelling? Vinho Verde is a special wine from Portugal that’s crisp and refreshing, much like the effect Vinho Verde weigela has in the landscape.

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Product Description

Sun Exposure:

Flower Color:

3-5 Feet

3-5 Feet

* Attracts Hummingbirds
* Deer Resistant

Moist, Well-Drained Soil