Tomato ‘Sugary’ (F1) (AAS Winner)

2005 AAS Winner.  The name says it all. Judges raved about the sweet tomato flavor. The half-ounce dark pink fruit has a sugar content of 9.5%, higher than most others. The fruit is produced in clusters like grapes and can be eaten like them. Sugary tomatoes have a distinct shape; they are oval with a pointed blossom end. In addition to the flavor, Sugary plants produced a high yield with a noticeable lack of cracked fruit. Look for ripe fruit on the strong semi-indeterminate vines within 60 days from transplanting into warm, prepared garden soil or large containers. Plants are vigorous and may need pruning to contain growth. Sugary should set a new standard for cherry-sized tomatoes with a sweet flavor.  

Photo Courtesy of © All American Selections

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Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Full Sun

Fruit Color When Ripe:
Dark Pink

Days Until Maturity:
60 Days

Determinate or Indeterminate:

Grape Tomato

Well Drained