Tomato ‘Candyland Red’ (F1) (AAS Winner)

A 2016 AAS Winner! Dark red, 1/2″ fruits weigh 1/4 oz and are smaller than most cherry tomatoes. Fruits have an excellent sweet flavor and are the perfect size to ‘pop’ in your mouth to enjoy just like candy straight from the garden! Plants have a tidier habit than other currant-types with the fruit tending to form on the outside of the plant making them easier to harvest. Please call the store (740) 763-2873 for availability, prices, and sizes.

Photo Courtesy of © All American Selections

Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Full Sun

Fruit Color When Ripe:

Days Until Maturity:
55 Days

Determinate or Indeterminate:

Currant Tomato

Well Drained