Spruce, Sitka ‘Silver Dwarf’

Picea sitchensis ‘Silberzwerg’

The name Picea sitchensis ‘Silberzwerg’ refers to the plant’s outstanding needle color and its reliable, slow-growing habit. The plant’s very dense, very blue needles display a unique reversal from the norm: the two-tone, blue-green effect results from silvery blue on one side of needles with dark green on the reverses. Similar in size and shape to P.s. ‘Papoose’, the striking foliage of this selection boasts a better blue. Resists browsing deer.

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Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Full Sun

Flower Color:

8 Feet

6 Feet

* 3-6 inches per year
* Deer Resistant

Moist, Well-Drained