Rose ‘Arctic Blue’™

Rosa ‘Arctic Blue’™

The cold arctic breeze is coming to your garden carrying with its tons of lilac-pink blossoms of the Arctic Blue™ rose. The cool tones are chilled by the unique lavender blue finish and iced with a cream color on the reverse of the petals, refreshing for a hot summer day. The very shapely flower buds open slowly as if they were frozen in time at their most beautiful stage for longer enjoyment; the blooms are attractive to the very end when the opened flowers let go of their petals, showering the ground in iced lavender-blue snow. DOn’t expect spring to come too quickly as the vigorous plant is dressed with glossy green winter jacket leaves, isolating and protecting the upright bush from mother nature’s diseases, allowing the plant to produce a nonstop  Please call into the store (740)763-2873 for availability, prices, and sizes.

Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Full Sun

Flower Color:
Lilac Pink Fading Lavender Blue




Moderate Fruity To Citrus Like

Moist, Well-drained soil