Oregano ‘Dittany Of Crete’

Origanum dictamnus

Dittany of Crete comes from the Isle of Crete which is the only place it grows wild. It makes a great ornamental plant with its’ bright pink flowers and fuzzy grayish-green oval-shaped leaves. It is low growing and looks great in a hanging basket or a rock garden. Dittany of Crete has always been highly prized and is gathered while in bloom for use in perfumery and to flavor drinks such as vermouth and absinthe. Combined with Rue, Parsley, and Pepper, Dittany can also be used to make a delicious sauce for fish. 


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Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Sun/ Pt Shade

Flower Color:

4-6 Inches

14-16 Inches

* Dried Flowers
* Perfume

Moist, Well Drained