Mint ‘Lime’

Mentha x piperita subsp. citrata

Lime mint plant produces rounded green leaves that are oftentimes brushed with burgundy to bronze blush. In the summer and fall months the Lime mint plant will produce petite purple flower spikes. Lime mint has a tangy citrus-lime taste and aroma with subtle nuances of mint, a flavor which is enhanced when crushed releasing the aromatic oil in the leaves. It can be muddled and used to add a citrusy tang to cocktails, tea and dressings. Use when preparing sauces or rubs for seafood preparations. Chopped leaves work well in both fruit and green salads. Pair with other aromatic herbs in herb-based sauces such as pesto or mint chutney. Add whole leaves to ice cubes, popsicles and sorbets.

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Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Full Sun

Flower Color:

16 Inches


* Fragrant
* Cooking

Well Drained Soil