Mint ‘Ginger’

Mentha x gracilis

Ginger mint is a cross between spearmint and corn mint. Ginger mint leaves are best when used fresh. They should be snipped when it is dry outside and before the hottest part of the day. The leaves can be added to fruit salads and pair very well with melons or tomatoes. They can also be used to brew herbal teas. Finely chopped leaves make a great addition to butter spreads, lemonade, and hot chocolate. Ginger mint can be mixed with lemon juice, salt, and pepper to flavor fish and other meat dishes. It is a favorite mint in Vietnamese dishes such as chicken or beef pho. The essential oil from ginger mint is used as a spearmint flavoring. Use to repel mice in the garden.

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Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Sun/ Pt Sun

Flower Color:

18-24 Inches

18-24 Inches

* Use In Cooking
* Ground Cover
* Fragrant
* Essential Oil

Moist, Well Drained