Mint ‘Black Currant’ – New For 2023

Mentha ‘Black Currant’

Black Currant Mint’s unique scent and flavor make it a versatile addition to various culinary applications. Its fruity aroma and taste are perfect for enhancing herbal teas or crafting refreshing cocktails and mocktails. The leaves can be muddled or simply added as a garnish for a burst of flavor. Use Black Currant Mint in desserts like fruit salads, ice creams, or sorbets for an intriguing twist. Incorporate the leaves into sauces or dressings for savory dishes to create an unexpected, delightful combination. Additionally, Black Currant Mint’s fragrant properties make it an ideal candidate for potpourris or as a natural air freshener.

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Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Full Sun

Flower Color:

18-24 Inches

24 Inches

* Ground Cover
* Use In Cooking
* Deer Resistant
* Attracts Butterflies

Well Drained Soil