Living Stones


Lithops hail from southern Africa. Called ‘Living Stones’, ‘Cattle Hooves’ or ‘Butts’ they are found in very arid regions, some of which receive less than 4 inches of rain a year! Have two leaves which taper down in a conical fashion directly to a taproot.

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Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Bright Light – Full Sun

Flower Color:
White, Orange, Yellow

1/2 – 1 Inch

1-3 Inches

* Spring: Once the old leaves have shriveled up into paper-like husks, you may finally remove them and resume watering.
* Summer: 
* Fall: 
Lithops resume growth. The first sign is often a bud that forces its way out from between the leaves. This shoot becomes a flower, and you can often see the beginnings of new leaves around this time.
* Winter: 
During this season, the new pair of leaves are drawing water from the old ones. They will appear to shrivel over time, and the new pair will steadily grow.

Summer  & Winter
do not water – make an exception only if they become very wrinkled.
Spring & Autumn water every couple of weeks

Well Drained, cactus mix

Annual In Ohio