Fennel, Fernleaf ‘Grosfruchtiger’ – New For 2022

Foeniculum vulgare

Nonbulbing type. Leaves are a nice addition to salads, coleslaw, and dressings. Flavor in fennel develops and intensifies as plants mature. Very young plants (baby-leaf stage) will have a mild fennel flavor, while mature plants (8-12″ tall) will have a fuller fennel flavor. Edible Flowers: The florets are used to garnish savory dishes, and pair well with fish, potato, tomato, and beef dishes. Flavor is of sweet anise.


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Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Pt Shade

Flower Color:

10-24 Inches

12 Inches

* Cooking

Moist, Well-Drained

Tender Perennial