Culver’s Root – New For 2024

Veronicastrum virginicum

Culver’s Root is prized for its well-defined clean lines and strong vertical statement in the garden. The tall, unbranched stems are surrounded by whorls of deep green leaves and topped with elegant spires of white flowers, which bloom for several weeks in midsummer. Native to eastern North America, Each spike bears many small, white, tubular flowers about a half-inch long with protruding, orange-brown colored stamens. The individual flowers comprise four fused petals up to half an inch long. Many bees visit the flowers to collect pollen or drink nectar. Mature plants can reach six feet and form a large clump with multiple stems.


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Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Full/ Partial Sun

Flower Color:

3-6 Feet

18-24 Inches

* Attracts Pollinators
* Deer Resistant
* Native To North America
* Attracts Butterflies

Medium, Moist, Well Drained Soil

Perennial In Ohio