Cucumber ‘Diva’ (AAS Winner)

2002 AAS Winner. Sweet flavor and high yield describe the improved qualities of Diva. The fruit will be sweet, non-bitter with a crisp texture when harvested at 6-8 inches. Normally seedless, a few seeds may grow if pollinated by other cuke plants. Diva produces all female flowers (gynoecious, parthenocarphic) and does not require pollen to set fruit. These traits result in high yields. Expect mature cukes in about 58 days from sowing seed in the warm soil. Plants are resistant to scab and tolerant to powdery and downy mildews. Diva is the only slicing cucumber you need to grow in your garden.

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Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Full Sun

Size Or Color When Ripe:
6-8 Inches

Depending on their use, harvest on the basis of size. Cucumbers should not be allowed to reach the yellowish stage as they become bitter with size. Harvest by cutting the stem 1/4 inch above the fruit. Don’t trample the vines any more than necessary to harvest the crop.

Frequent picking of cucumbers is essential as they grow and reach optimum quality. Delayed harvest results in reduced quality products and less productive plants because fruiting is an exhaustive process for the plant.


5-6 Feet

Days Until Maturity:
32 Days

Well Drained