Crabapple ‘Lollipop®’ – New For 2023

Malux x ‘Lollipop®’

True to its name, this useful crabapple is a confection of fragrant white flowers in spring perched on top of a sturdy trunk. Tiny, shiny red fruits in fall attract birds and wildlife. Thanks to its truly dwarf genetics, it perpetually maintains the neat form that will make homeowners everywhere fall in love with it.

Top reasons to grow Lollipop apple tree:

– True dwarf size will always stay petite in the landscape.

– Perfect ball of foliage and flowers atop a straight trunk.

– Pretty red fruit supports wildlife.

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Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Full Sun

Flower Color:

8 Feet

8 Feet

* Ornamental Fruit
* Attracts Wildlife
* Attracts Bees
* Attracts Butterflies
* Fall Color
* Fragrant

Moist, Well-Drained Soil