Clematis, Raymond Evison® ‘Duchess Of Cornwall’ – New For 2023

Clematis ‘Duchess Of Cornwall’

Introduced in 2021, The Duchess of Cornwall is a good repeat flowering variety well suited for planting in containers. Early season flowers will be a violet blue but in later season and stonger light and temperatures they will be a deeper violet but softening to a near mid-blue with age. It has a yellow centre.It is a good plant for patios, containers, free standing or wall-trained shrubs, climbing roses, mixed borders and on tripods.

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Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Pt Sun / Sun

Flower Color:

4-5 Feet



Pruning: Pruning Group 3
In late winter/early Spring simply reduce all stems down to 6″ (15cm) of soil level.

Moist, Well drained soil. Mulch or shade roots.

Perennial In Ohio