Chamomile ‘Roman’

Chamaemelum nobile

Roman chamomile comes from northwestern Europe and Northern Ireland where it creeps close to the ground and can reach up to one foot in height. Gray-green leaves grow from the stems, and the flowers have yellow centers surrounded by white petals, like miniature daisies.  Its leaves are thicker than German chamomile, and it grows closer to the ground. Can be used to make a fragrant pathway or a nice aromatic surprise tucked among other garden plants. The flowers and leaves can be used in potpourri in combination with other dried flowers. Flower heads may be dried to make chamomile tea.  The flowers smell like apples.

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Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Full Sun / Pt Sun

Flower Color:

4-8 Inches

6-12 Inches

* Fragrant
* Potpourii
* Tea

Moist, Well Drained