Butterfly Bush, Pugster ‘Pink’

Buddleia ‘Pugster Pink’

A whole new look for butterfly bush! What makes a space-saving dwarf butterfly bush even better? Full-sized flowers! Pugster® butterfly bushes are the first to offer large, dense blooms on a small frame for maximum impact in the landscape. Continuous blooming habit means that you’ll enjoy the taffy-pink flowers of Pugster Pink® from summer through frost without deadheading. Perhaps best of all, the thick, heavy stems of Pugster butterfly bushes ensure better hardiness and winter survival in cold areas than other dwarf butterfly bushes.


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Product Description


Sun Exposure:
Full Sun

Flower Color:
Taffy Pink

24 Inches

24-36 Inches

* Deer Resistant
* Attracts Butterflies
* Fragrant
* Cut Flower

Moist, Well Drained Soil