Black Cohosh

Actaea racemosa

Black Cohosh is a striking woodland native that creates a strong vertical statement in a shade or border garden. The tall flower spires stand out in front of a darker background and provide late summer blooms when other woodland flowers have faded. The flowers last for three weeks and may bloom as early as June or as late as August, depending on the geographic location. The deep green foliage of Black Cohosh retains its good texture and color throughout the growing season. Actaea racemosa is a host plant for the Spring Azure, Holly Blue, and Appalachian Azure butterflies.


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Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Shade/ Pt Shade

Flower Color:

4-6 Feet

2-3 Feet

* Deer Resistant
* Attracts Pollinators
* Host Plant For Spring Azure, Holly Blue And Applacian Azure Butterfly Larva
* Native To North America

Moist, Well drained soil.

Perennial In Ohio