Bean ‘Kentucky Blue Pole Green’

1991 AAS Winner. Kentucky Blue is an All-America Selections winner that combines the excellence of the all-time greatest pole beans: Kentucky Wonder and Blue Lake. You get big crops of sweet and always stringless pods, straight and 7″ long. A heavy yielder for many weeks. Pole beans yield much longer than bush beans, right up to frost. Plant 4-6″ apart at the base of poles, trellis, a fence or our Bean Tower.

Photo Courtesy of © All American Selections

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Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Full Sun

Size Or Color When Ripe:
For fresh use, pick pods as soon as well-filled out with peas. For dried bean use, harvest in about 80 days, when the pods start to dry on the plant.

6-8 Feet

18 Inches

Days Until Maturity:
65 Days

Well Drained