Basil ‘Purple Ruffles’ – New For 2023

Ocimum basilicum var. purpurascens

Purple Ruffles basil leaves have distinct serrated and jagged edges and a crinkled, textured appearance, giving the variety a variable, uneven, and fringed appearance. The leaves are also glossy, crisp, and pliable with a dark purple, almost black hue, sometimes tinged with green. The plant’s stems showcase a four-sided, square nature, and the leaves emit a sweet and aromatic clove-like fragrance. In the summer, 5 to 6 white to purple-pink tubular flowers form in whorls on elongated stems. The flowers are edible and have a sweet, mild, and vegetal flavor. Purple Ruffles basil offers a mild, herbaceous, spice-filled flavor with subtle anise, cinnamon, licorice, and sweet basil nuances.

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Product Description

Sun Exposure:
Full Sun

Flower Color:
White to Purple-Pink



* Cooking

Moist, Well Drained